IKEA Havsten Covers

Shop beautiful, high quality IKEA Havsten outdoor covers for your garden furniture. Choose from beautiful fabrics, colors and patterns at Bemz.

On the patio or porch, IKEA Havsten covers add a touch of softness and luxury. Upgrade your sofa with a new look, welcome guests, and entertain alfresco. 

An Immaculate New Look With IKEA Havsten Covers

The IKEA Havsten sofa is soft, fluffy, and the kind of comfortable outdoor seating you’ll not want to part with any time soon. Revamping the look with new IKEA Havsten covers will instantly add a fresh look. With the exciting collection at Bemz, you can experiment and add color or tactile fabrics for a modern touch. You’ll find a range of beautiful textiles, designs, and shades to help you breathe new life into your outdoor space. 

Easy Instant Makeovers With IKEA Havsten Slipcovers

As well as protecting your favorite couch from weather and wear, IKEA Havsten covers can change the ambience in just a few minutes. They’re easy to slip on and off when entertaining and affordable enough to change with the seasons. Our IKEA Havsten slipcovers ensure your outdoor sofa remains your favorite place to put your feet up and relax. 


All our covers are sewn to order by professionals, so you’ll receive a high-quality fit and exactly the fabric your heart desires. If you’re having trouble choosing your new IKEA Havsten covers, you can request up to 5 free samples to explore the designs at home. Coordinating your new IKEA Havsten covers with your porch is a delight you can thoroughly enjoy.

Exciting Havsten Outdoor Covers For Alfresco Life

Choose IKEA Havsten covers that re-style with bold, colorful stripes or blend natural shades to create a cozy nook for visitors. Practical and hardwearing, most Bemz fabrics are machine washable, so there’s no need to worry about spills. They’re ideal for an alfresco lifestyle, as you can pop them in the machine. Mix and match to create just the right look with your new Havsten outdoor covers. 


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