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Sofa covers for the IKEA Ekeskog couch series

Bemz makes extra/replacement IKEA Ekeskog sofa covers for the complete discontinued IKEA Ekeskog couch series so that you can make yours last for years to come.

    Replacement IKEA Ekeskog sofa covers and IKEA Ekeskog couch covers

    Need a replacement IKEA Ekeskog couch cover but can’t find one at IKEA? That’s because this popular, spacious IKEA sofa was discontinued in 2006. But you’re still in luck because Bemz creates beautiful, new, machine washable, high quality 3 seater IKEA Ekeskog sofa covers and IKEA Ekeskog sofa bed covers/IKEA Ekeskog sleeper sofa covers. With hundreds of colours and patterns, available in a number of different fabric qualities, from pure linen to lush velvet to 100% cotton and more, you can make your beloved IKEA Ekeskog sofa last for years to come. Ekeskog sofas were built to last - so even if your IKEA Ekeskog couch cover or Ekeskog sofa bed cover is torn, stained or damaged, there’s no reason to throw it away. Give it a new life with a Bemz sofa cover!

    Transform your IKEA Ekeskog sofa with a Bemz couch cover

    Maybe your current IKEA Ekeskog sofa cover is in great condition but you want an extra Ekeskog couch cover to change the look of a room during different seasons or for special holidays and occasions. In addition to updating your IKEA Ekeskog sofa or sofa bed with a couch cover in a fashionable colour, Bemz offers both Regular Fit sofa covers (which fit like the original IKEA Ekeskog sofa cover) and Loose Fit Country couch covers to give your Ekeskog sofa a completely different (and softer, more romantic) look.

    IKEA Ekeskog sofa mini review and guide:

    Our IKEA Ekeskog sofa review: Bemz still makes replacement 3 seater IKEA Ekeskog sofa covers and IKEA Ekeskog sofa bed covers, even though both of these couches are discontinued and no longer available at IKEA. Bemz customers have told us that they love their IKEA Ekeskog couches because of their generous size, cushy seat depth and overall comfort. This is a durable sofa - and with a Bemz slipcover for the IKEA Ekeskog sofa, you can keep it forever. A side note in this Ekeskog review: we’re often asked if a Bemz replacement Ekeskog sofa cover can be used on the IKEA Hovas sofa. Even though these two sofas look quite similar, there are in fact numerous size differences so unfortunately the answer is no. But if enough customers ask us to start making IKEA Hovas sofa covers, we will, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. If you’ve had any personal experience with the IKEA Ekeskog couch, we’d be happy to hear your IKEA Ekeskog sofa review, so be sure to share your thoughts.