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Sofa covers for IKEA Backamo couches

Extra/replacement IKEA Backamo sofa covers. The Backamo 3 seater sofa is now discontinued at IKEA but can live on beautifully with a Bemz couch cover/sofa cover.

    Extra or replacement IKEA Backamo sofa covers

    Love your IKEA Backamo 3 seater sofa but not it’s worn out fabric slipcover? Backamo sofas were introduced at IKEA in 2000 and discontinued some years later so you can’t find replacement Backamo sofa covers at IKEA any longer. But that’s no problem because Bemz makes extra/replacement IKEA Backamo 3 seater sofa covers, available in hundreds of fabric colours and patterns plus a variety of fabric qualities from 100% cotton to pure linen to velvet sofa covers and more. It’s easy to upgrade your IKEA Backamo sofa with a Bemz cloth/fabric couch slipcover to keep your couch out of the landfill and inside your living room for many years to come. Like all Bemz sofa covers for discontinued IKEA couches, extra/additional/replacement IKEA Backamo sofa covers are machine washable, made with a focus on natural materials and quality guaranteed for 3 years. Bemz sofa covers for IKEA Backamo couches are made in our Regular Fit, designed with the same snug fit as the original IKEA Backamo sofa cover.

    Mini review and guide to IKEA Backamo sofas/couches

    This classically elegant sofa with rounded armrests and long skirt is a perfect centerpiece for swanky grown up living rooms that take themselves seriously (move your pizza party movie nights to another couch please!). An important note in this review: there’s often confusion about the difference between the IKEA Backamo sofa and the IKEA Backa sofa (since they look and sound very similar) so here’s a quick guide: The IKEA Backamo couch has 6 throw pillows/decorative cushions and the feet are not visible since they’re covered by the IKEA Backamo’s long skirt, which touches the floor and has a neat little box pleats at the side corners. Also, Backamo sofas have piping around the armrests, and have even rounder armrests than IKEA Backa sofas. If you want to cover your sofa with a new cloth/fabric slipcover and you’re in doubt as to which IKEA sofa you actually own, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.  And if you’ve had any personal experience with the Backamo, we’d be happy to hear your review, so be sure to contact us and share your thoughts.