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Sofa covers for the IKEA Norsborg couch series

Extra or replacement IKEA Norsborg sofa covers for the modular/sectional IKEA Norsborg couch series, including Norsborg 2 seater sofa/loveseat covers, Norsborg 3 seater sofa covers and Norsborg chaise longue covers.

    Extra or replacement IKEA Norsborg sofa covers

    Bemz makes extra, additional or replacement IKEA Norsborg sofa covers, available in the best selection of colours and patterns, not to mention a wide selection of fabric qualities, such as 100% cotton, velvet and pure linen (among others). Bemz replacement IKEA Norsborg sofa covers are available as follows: Norsborg 2 seater sofa covers, Norsborg 3 seater sofa covers, Norsborg chaise longue covers and corner section covers.

    Bemz covers for the IKEA Norsborg sofa series

    With the largest selection of sofa covers for the complete Norsborg sofa series, Bemz offers custom sewn sofa covers available in both neutral colours and a wide assortment of popular and high trend colours. Bemz sofa covers are also available in many types of fabric including pure Belgian linen, 100% cotton certified by the Better Cotton Initiative and a line of stunning cloth/fabric sofa covers called the Respect Collection, made of 100% recycled material. Bemz covers for the Norsborg sofa series are also available in a wide selection of fabrics made in collaboration with world famous designers, such as Romo, Designers Guild and Christian Lacroix in addition to many patterns by mid-century modern Scandinavian textile designers.

    What we love about the IKEA Norsborg sofa series

    The IKEA Norsborg sofa series is sectional/modular, which means that it can be arranged to suit any room - the configuration is up to you. The corner section means that two Norsborg sofas (any combination of either the Norsborg 2 seater sofa/loveseat or the Norsborg 3 seater sofa) can be joined together to form an L-shape or even a U-shape and the Norsborg chaise longue can be attached to the Norsborg sofa at either the left or right side. The Norsborg sofa series has a super straight and linear outer structure which contrasts really nicely with its deep, thick, overstuffed seat cushions, making it one very comfortable sofa/couch. IKEA Norsborg sofa covers were designed with side pockets (the perfect place to store your remote control and a novel!). Bemz covers for IKEA Norsborg sofas come with the option of having either pockets or no pockets, depending on your personal preference.