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We create and innovate responsibly and conscientiously – with respect for our planet and with little waste.


At its core Bemz is a responsible business idea: we prolong the life of an IKEA sofa in a personalised way. There’s no need to throw away a perfectly good piece of furniture if the fabric cover is damaged or no longer suits your taste. By extending its life with a new cover, it stays out of the landfill. Furthermore, we’ve chosen to manufacture everything in Europe because it’s important to us to follow the stringent labour and environmental rights mandated by the EU. We know our seamstresses personally. And when choosing our production partners, we use a strict selection criteria to ensure full transparency and quality control standards. We’re proud to offer you a beautiful product of a high-trust quality that you can also feel good about having in your home.

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All Bemz products are sewn to order which prevents waste. And our fabrics - the heart and soul of what we do - are made to last with a focus on natural, machine washable materials and a 3 year quality guarantee. We design and innovate with the environment in mind - take the creation of our Respect collection made with 100% recycled material for example, and our decision to upgrade our Panama Cotton covers to fabric certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. We weigh every new business decision with a consideration of the impact it will have on the planet. We’re not claiming to be perfect, but you can rest assured that we’re always trying to be better.

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