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Daybed Covers

Create your own daybed by covering a boxspring/mattress base, then add a touch of luxury with cushions and covered mattress toppers.

    Bemz daybed/day bed covers for single beds, boxsprings/box springs or twin beds

    Bemz makes stylish, high quality fabric covers that help you transform a simple single bed into a stunning daybed. Bemz day bed covers are available in a range of sizes and heights and two different styles: Loose Fit Urban daybed covers, for those who like a sleek, modern look and our Regular Fit. If you live in a small space or simply want to maximise the space in a particular room, a daybed is a wonderfully practical and fun design solution. It works like this: measure your single/twin mattress base or boxspring. Select one of hundreds of high quality, machine washable Bemz fabrics and order your custom sewn daybed cover online. Once it’s delivered home to you, simply place it over your mattress base/boxspring and voila - you now have a new, multi-purpose piece of furniture that can act as either a sofa (by day) and a bed (by night). We highly recommend styling it with your favourite cushions or a mattress topper (we offer covers for both of these items too, naturally!). Bemz day bed covers have the same fabric on all four sides plus the top - a quality detail that makes your day bed attractive from any angle.

    Bemz daybed covers

    A Bemz daybed cover can transform a simple box spring into an original and practical piece of furniture in an instant. Choose from one of our stunning, high quality fabrics, which are hand selected from long standing suppliers, to ensure the best possible products. When you buy a Bemz daybed cover (or any of our other products), you can rest assured that you are making a choice that you can feel good about. Our day bed covers are custom sewn to order to avoid stockpiling unwanted inventory. They’re sewn in a European factory, where we personally know the seamstresses and their working conditions. Our fabrics are made with a focus on 100% natural materials with an eye on design and colour. So whether you are looking for a neutral colour in a classic fabric like pure linen or 100% cotton or searching for that perfect velvet trend shade, our goal is to give you the best selection available anywhere. And with a 3 year quality guarantee, you can machine wash your daybed cover frequently and rest assured that it will look great for years to come.