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Armrest Protectors

Bemz makes machine washable arm covers/armrest protectors/armrest covers for a select series of IKEA models to keep them looking fresh longer.

    IKEA Ektorp sofa arm covers, IKEA Karlstad couch armrest covers, IKEA Karlanda loveseat armrest covers

    Want to keep your IKEA sofa, chaise longue or armchair looking forever young? The best solution of course is to buy a Bemz replacement IKEA design cover but you can take your sofa care and maintenance one step further and buy an IKEA Ektorp armrest cover, IKEA Karlstad armrest cover or IKEA Karlanda armrest cover. The most heavily used part of any sofa, armchair or chaise longue are its arms. This is where you place your coffee cup, wine glass, snack, dog or baby. It’s where your kids inevitably wipe their sticky hands. A sofa cover may not need regular washing but your armrest usually does. Why remove your entire sofa cover to clean it when it suffices to simply throw the armrest covers in the washing machine? Bemz offers IKEA armrest covers, IKEA arm covers, IKEA sofa arm protectors and IKEA arm caps, available in hundreds of colours and patterns, for several popular IKEA sofa series.

    Your choice of IKEA sofa arm covers

    Bemz is your one-stop online shop to find IKEA armrest covers for a selection of best-selling IKEA sofa families. Designed in Sweden, Bemz creates the best quality machine washable fabric arm covers. Our cloth arm protectors for best-selling IKEA sofa series are made with a focus on 100% natural materials and sewn to order in a European factory where we personally know our seamstresses and their working conditions. Shop risk-free at Bemz with a 2 week open return policy, a 3 year quality guarantee, and with confidence knowing that our products are ethically made.

    The Bemz idea - keep your IKEA longer

    Bemz started making custom, replacement IKEA sofa covers (including IKEA armrest covers) in 2005, with the idea of saving thousands of IKEA sofas and armchairs from ending up in the landfill once their slipcovers got worn out. And nothing wears out faster on your sofa or armchair than its arms! We make machine washable IKEA sofa arm covers, IKEA armchair arm protectors and IKEA loveseat arm caps to help you extend the life of your IKEA furniture for years to come.