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Covers for IKEA footstools

Extra IKEA ottoman covers, replacement IKEA footstool covers and additional IKEA pouffe covers custom-sewn by Bemz. Machine washable design covers for current and discontinued IKEA ottomans and IKEA footstools.

    The widest selection of quality IKEA ottoman covers and IKEA footstool covers

    There’s nothing like putting one’s feet up at the end of a long day! Bemz creates fabric slipcovers to replace most IKEA ottoman covers, IKEA footstool covers and IKEA pouffe covers. Given how much wear and tear the average footrest gets (they often double as seats and storage areas too), we’ve seen our fair share of ripped, stained IKEA ottoman covers. Whether you’re looking to add an IKEA footstool to match an existing IKEA sofa, IKEA armchair or to simply have it as a standalone piece in your home, IKEA footrests come in all shapes, sizes and IKEA sofa series. Bemz makes extra IKEA Ektorp ottoman covers (also known as Ektorp Bromma footstool covers), additional IKEA Karlstad footstool covers and extra IKEA Kivik pouffe covers (to mention but a few), available in the widest selection of designer fabrics.

    Bemz design covers for your favourite IKEA ottoman | IKEA footstool

    With a wide assortment of fabric qualities (including velvet, 100% cotton and pure linen), Bemz sews replacement IKEA ottoman covers to order. You’ll be spoiled for choice with hundreds of colours and prints available. But what makes our replacement IKEA footstool covers special is the focus on quality and sustainability. All of our fabrics are carefully selected from long standing suppliers who have been chosen for their commitment to quality. Bemz also focusses on creating our IKEA footstool covers (and all of our IKEA furniture covers) in natural materials. We’ve even developed a line of fabric slipcovers made of 100% recycled material. Rest assured that when you buy a Bemz design cover, you are buying the highest quality available. 

    Bemz makes beautiful fabric covers that you can shop with confidence

    At Bemz, we are committed to making fabric covers for IKEA furniture that are ethically made and above all look beautiful in your home. We do this by working with seamstresses in a European factory regulated by EU labour laws, and where we are fully aware of working conditions at all times. All of the fabrics used in our IKEA furniture covers (including IKEA footstool covers) are hand selected and quality tested in-house. We go the extra mile to offer the best choice of colours and patterns possible, most designed by us but many designed in collaboration with world famous designers - including Romo, Designers Guild and Christian Lacroix. So if you want to make your IKEA footstool look much more expensive than it is by upgrading your IKEA ottoman cover, then you’ve come to the right place. And with a 3 year quality guarantee and a 2 week return policy, you can always shop Bemz with confidence.