IKEA Norsborg Covers

Are you ready to add a fresh vibe to your living space? With Norsborg covers, you can create an impression and give your sofa a new lease of life.

Brighten Up Your Day With A Norsborg Cover

The IKEA Norsborg sofa, with its deep, overstuffed cushions, is sure to be the heart of your living room. Having extra Norsborg covers can help you extend its life and give you the flexibility to change the look whenever you want. There is something to suit every mood with a vast collection of neutral shades and high-trend colors.


Bemz Norsborg covers are available in high-quality fabrics such as pure linen, soft cotton, and plush velvet. There is also a line of beautiful recycled material if everyday durability is your top priority. With various textures, weaves and designs, there is something for every budget and each creative designer.


Norsborg IKEA Covers For The Full Sofa Series

When choosing your Norsborg slipcovers, you can also opt for the handy side pockets, perfect for storing your book and remote control. Our experienced sewists will make them to order. Our Norsborg IKEA covers are speedy to take off and put on, with most fabrics machine washable for a quick freshen up. Take advantage of our free samples if you want some design inspiration.



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