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Sofa covers for the IKEA Tomelilla couch series

Extra or replacement IKEA Tomelilla sofa covers/couch covers for the discontinued IKEA Tomelilla sofa series, including Tomelilla loveseat covers, Tomelilla couch covers and Tomelilla sofa bed covers/sleeper sofa covers.

    Bemz sofa covers for the IKEA Tomelilla sofa series

    Bemz sofa covers are machine washable, easy to slip on and off and quality guaranteed for 3 years. And you can always shop Bemz with extra confidence by ordering free fabric samples to try out at home and knowing that you can return your order within 2 weeks if it doesn’t suit you. Bemz cloth slipcovers/fabric couch covers for the IKEA Tomelilla sofa series are - like all of our sofa covers - designed with sustainability in mind. There’s no reason to throw away a perfectly good IKEA sofa/couch/loveseat or IKEA sofa bed/sleeper sofa/convertible/futon when you can upgrade it with a beautiful, new fabric sofa cover/couch cover/fabric slipcover. So whether you’re looking to replace your IKEA Tomelilla sofa cover in one of our many neutral shades, or dreaming of transforming your IKEA Tomelilla couch into something completely unique with a new couch cover in a trend colour, Bemz has the best selection of fabric sofa slipcovers available. Our replacement IKEA Tomelilla couch covers, extra IKEA Tomelilla sofa covers, additional IKEA Tomelilla loveseat covers and replacement IKEA Tomelilla sofa bed covers/sleeper sofa covers are available in our Loose Fit as well as our Regular Fit, which closely resembles the snug style and fit of the original IKEA Tomelilla couch cover.

    Find replacement IKEA Tomelilla couch covers & discontinued Tomelilla sofa covers online

    IKEA Tomelilla sofas (not to mention IKEA Tomelilla couch covers) launched at IKEA in 1993 and were so popular that they stuck around for a full 12 years before IKEA discontinued them in 2005. But this classic, cosy cocoon of a couch has a timeless, contemporary style and is built to last, so there’s no reason to banish it to the landfill once its cloth/fabric sofa cover gives out. Give it a new life with a brand new sofa slipcover! Bemz makes replacement 2 seater IKEA Tomelilla sofa covers (known in some parts of the world as IKEA Tomelilla loveseat covers), extra 3 seater IKEA Tomelilla couch covers and additional IKEA Tomelilla sofa bed covers/Tomelilla sleeper sofa covers, available in hundreds of colours, patterns and fabric qualities, including 100% cotton, pure linen and velvet sofa covers.

    Mini review and guide to the IKEA Tomelilla sofa/couch/sofa bed/sleeper sofa/loveseat

    This IKEA Tomelilla sofa review comes with a special place in our hearts because the Tomelilla is at the center of the Bemz origin story. When Bemz Founder Lesley Pennington first moved to Sweden, she bought a Tomelilla couch at IKEA, took it home and immediately wished that she could personalise its fabric sofa cover. A quick check online revealed that no such idea even existed and so she set about turning that idea into reality - and Bemz was launched in 2005. Lesley bought the IKEA Tomelilla sofa for all the reasons that made it a popular choice for so many, for so long: it has a timeless, versatile style that fits many different interiors. Our favourite IKEA Tomelilla review detail? Loads of large throw cushions that make this cosy couch even more comfortable. If - like our Founder - you own a Tomelilla sofa or Tomelilla sofa bed, we’d be happy to hear your IKEA Tomelilla couch review, so be sure to contact us and share your opinion.