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Covers for IKEA chairs

Bemz makes replacement covers for IKEA chairs, dining chairs & stools. Custom-sewn, machine washable design covers for the most popular current & discontinued IKEA chairs.


Replacement IKEA chair covers & easy chair covers, extra IKEA dining chair covers and additional IKEA stool covers of the highest quality

Find replacement IKEA chair covers online with fabric slipcovers in a huge assortment of colours and patterns. Transform your IKEA chairs with replacement Henriksdal dining chair covers, extra Nils chair covers, Nils stool covers, and Harry chair covers (plus a large selection of IKEA bar stool covers, IKEA dining chair covers, IKEA swivel chair covers and IKEA covers for chairs with armrests too). Whether you’re interested in replacing a discontinued IKEA chair cover that’s past its prime, or buying extra IKEA dining chair covers for current IKEA models, Bemz cloth slipcovers can make your IKEA chairs like new again - or transform them beyond recognition with a totally unique look. With hundreds of patterns, colours and styles available in a mix and match palette including velvet, pure linen and 100% cotton - Bemz chair covers can help turn any IKEA chair or IKEA dining chair into a unique interior design piece. Bemz covers for IKEA chairs are available in a wide selection of our own in-house colours and prints, in fabric slipcovers made in collaboration with famous designers (including Designers Guild, Romo and Christian Lacroix), and also a curated selection of patterns from mid-century modern Scandinavian designers.

High design IKEA chair, IKEA stool and IKEA dining chair covers

Bemz is an easy-to-use, secure online shop where you can find a wide assortment of replacement IKEA chair covers, extra IKEA dining chair covers and loose cloth/fabric IKEA stool covers. At Bemz you can always shop risk-free with a 2 week open return policy, a 3 year quality guarantee, and with confidence knowing that our products are ethically made.  
Designed in Sweden and custom sewn in Europe, Bemz makes the best quality, machine washable fabric chair covers - delivered to your home (we ship to 42 countries worldwide!). Our cloth chair covers for the most popular IKEA dining chairs and IKEA chairs (with or without armrests) are made with a focus on 100% natural materials. Like all of our fabric covers for IKEA furniture, Bemz extra IKEA chair covers are sewn by a dedicated team of European seamstresses, in a European factory with Bemz oversight of working conditions, so you can rest assured that you are making an ethical choice.

Your IKEA chair, your choice: the Bemz concept

Launched in 2005, with the idea of offering customised covers for IKEA furniture, Bemz started making sewn-to-order replacement IKEA covers (including IKEA chair covers) for the most popular IKEA furniture. In addition to allowing for much more personal choice, Bemz also offered a way to save thousands of IKEA chairs, sofas, armchairs and other fabric-covered IKEA furniture from ending up in the landfill once their slipcovers ripped, stained or simply became unfashionable. This is still our goal today, with the best selection of high design, top quality, extra IKEA furniture covers available anywhere. Additionally, we also offer a range of other interior items made with the same beautiful collection of fabrics - including curtains, cushion covers, bedspreads, bedskirts, headboard covers and bean bag covers to help people coordinate the look at home. We count on our customers to help us decide which IKEA chair covers to launch and which fabrics to add to our collection, so don’t hesitate tell us about an IKEA chair that you’d like to cover and do our best to make it a reality.