Bemz made-to-order curtains add style to your rooms. Our fabric selection ensures your custom curtains complement your decor and furniture.

Bemz Curtains To Add Style With Colour & Fabric

Here at Bemz, we know our fabrics, and we created a refined yet versatile collection of high-quality curtains. We have the design that will add definition to the style of your rooms, contributing to the ambience you want to achieve. Choose from our curtain range of single-width curtains and double-width curtains for extra volume. A selection that allows you to with a few clicks finalise your design scheme. 

Curtains are versatile in that they have practical use and are an important component in the decor of your rooms. The right curtains combine both these elements, including:

Showcasing an unusual window feature

Protecting from too much glare from the sun

Providing privacy and relaxation

Easier to clean than blinds or shades 

Hiding imperfections and enhancing the decor


Creating The Mood Of Your Room With Bemz Curtains

Selecting a colour is a personal choice, but many colours can have a psychological impact. For instance, if you want a calm and relaxing feel to your bedroom or lounge, go for the lighter shades of all the colours.

For an inviting, warm and cosy feel to your rooms, go for earth-tone shades that let you experience nature and feel uplifting. For this, the warmer shades work well. If you want a room to inspire you and feel creative, lively and bright, try some bold colours. These work best with neutral or light backgrounds, with contrast or blended colours to accessorise. They work particularly well in a living room, kitchen or study. 

When you want something a little more opulent and elegant, try the darker colour shades. Use lighter shades in the same colours to accessorise; otherwise, the room may start to look too dark and a little gloomy. Don’t forget to check out our range of cushions covers and footstool covers with which you can match or contrast the fabric and colour to enhance your decor. 

Colour And Length Affect Room Size

Colour can change the perspective of a room. Darker colours can make a space feel smaller, and cosier, whereas lighter shades open a room up, making it feel bigger.

Shorter curtains are good if there is something preventing you from hanging long curtains, like a radiator. Long curtains can give your room a facelift, making it appear higher, and giving it more impact. 

Curtains And Lighting

You should also consider the amount of natural light you want shining into your room. If you want to cut down on the light completely, go for thicker, heavier fabrics. If you require a moderate amount of light, consider our linen fabric range, which hangs and flows well. 

Choosing Darker Coloured Curtains

These colours are perfect for Victorian-style houses with large rooms and high ceilings. The darker shades help to create a cosier setting by ‘shrinking’ the space slightly. These curtains can be the focal point of the room, adding a bit of eye-catching luxury. Alternatively, they can blend into the interior design by using similar colours or fabric on throws, cushions, rugs or some of your accessories.

Dark curtains have an elegant, inviting look and can even add some drama, especially if used against a lighter background on the walls. As darker colours are suitable for blocking light, they work well in the bedroom too. Another plus for darker shades is that they do not show stains and markings as much as the lighter colours. 

Choosing Lighter Coloured Curtains

Lighter colours are fresh and welcoming. They make smaller spaces look bigger and add a cool look to your room’s aesthetics. White curtains are timeless, never really going out of style. Often made from lighter fabrics, like our linen curtains, these fabrics flow and fall gracefully. 

Light colours are good to use in rooms that receive a lot of sunshine as they do not fade. They also bounce the heat of the sun’s rays keeping rooms cooler. Unfortunately, these lighter colours can easily show marks but worry not, as the majority of Bemz curtain fabrics are machine washable. If you are undecided about which colours and fabric you want, you can order several free samples to help make your selection.

Be Adventurous When Selecting Your Designer Curtains

Along with selecting the colours and fabric style, you can also choose different widths and lengths for your curtains. Our curtains come in a choice of several standard lengths that include the most popular drops. Our curtains are versatile and easy to install thanks to the dual hanging solution that works both with curtain rods and curtain rails. 

Single width curtains

Our singe-width panels are easy to incorporate into any space and add a touch of warmth. Whether you like to let the light through or have more privacy our single-width curtains are suitable for most windows. 

Double width curtains

When you need extra coverage opt for double-width curtains that are wider than your standard curtain. With the generous width, you can simply play with the volume and spread it out on a larger space. Our extra wide curtains are designed to give additional fullness to your interior and provide plenty of room to get creative with different pleats and waves. 

Buying Bemz Curtains Online - Making Life Easy For You

Shopping for curtains online with us is a straightforward process. You simply choose the fabric, the length, and the style, then place your order. Remember, these are single curtain panels, so order the number of panels you want for your window at the checkout. 

Bemz curtains are made in Europe and sewn to order. You will see the estimated delivery time when you select your curtains. Please use our support chat on the Bemz website if you have any queries



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