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In the heart of Stockholm, nestled among the busy streets, lies the tranquil oasis that Martina Lindén calls home. Bemz visited Martina in her apartment that embodies sophisticated elegance. Join us for a visual journey that marries the timeless allure of modernity to the warmth of thoughtful design.

Stepping into Martina’s home is like immersing oneself in her world. As a PR Specialist in fashion, interior, and lifestyle, Martina sees her home as a sanctuary. “My home is my safe space, where I recharge my energy. I want it to be curated and calm, yet warm and welcoming.” Over the past two years, Martina and her fiancé have lovingly transformed their 60 sqm apartment into a haven they love to share, frequently hosting friends and family. More often than not, soft jazz melodies fill the air while the comforting glow of candlelight graces their fourth-floor home.

All Bemz products are genius, and the wide assortment of fabrics is so inspiring. It’s so easy to bring new life to an old IKEA piece or change the mood of your home with textiles as the season changes.

Moving on to Martina’s bedroom, it’s time to take a look at her favourite products from Bemz. “I really love Bemz bedroom assortment with headboard covers and bed skirts that elevate the bed into a statement piece.” The matching Bouclé Ivory headboard cover and bed skirt, carefully selected from Bemz’ assortment, gives the space an air of luxurious elegance. The interplay of natural light streaming through billowy curtains further accentuates the plushness of the room, casting a soft, ethereal glow upon the thoughtfully curated space.


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