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Sofa covers for IKEA Nikkala couches

The best selection of extra/replacement IKEA Nikkala sofa covers. The Nikkala 3 seater couch is now discontinued at IKEA but can live on with a Bemz fabric sofa cover.

    Extra or replacement IKEA Nikkala sofa covers

    The IKEA Nikkala 3 seater sofa was sold at IKEA from 1998 until 2006. Bemz still makes extra or replacement IKEA Nikkala sofa covers, available in hundreds of colours and patterns, in 100% cotton, pure linen, velvet and other high quality designer fabrics. Like all Bemz sofa covers for IKEA couches, our fabric slipcovers are machine washable and designed to last with a 3 year quality guarantee. Bemz sofa covers for IKEA Nikkala couches have reversible cushion covers - extending the life of your sofa - and are available in our Regular Fit, which most closely resembles the fit of the original IKEA Nikkala sofa cover and Loose Fit.

    The lowdown on IKEA Nikkala sofas

    The Nikkala sofa was a favourite at IKEA for many years until it was sadly discontinued in 2006. Many Nikkala sofa owners want to hold onto this beloved sofa because of its durability, comfort and versatility. Luckily, Bemz has been making personalised, custom sewn sofa covers for IKEA couches since 2005 and has produced couch covers for many of the discontinued IKEA sofa models since then, including the IKEA Nikkala. With a nice high back, cosy lumbar cushions, thick, durable, sturdy seat cushions and ample armrest space, the Nikkala is the kind of sofa that people who spend a lot of time in their sofa really love. One important note about the IKEA Nikkala sofa cover: some of them (mostly those sold in North America) were made with Hard/Hook sided velcro while others were made with Soft/Loop sided velcro. Bemz makes slipcovers for the IKEA Nikkala sofa using Soft/Loop sided velcro only, so please check to make sure yours is compatible. If you have no idea which velcro is which, touch it: if it feels soft (and looks like it’s made of soft loops with a magnifying glass) you’ve got the one Bemz covers. If it feels a bit prickly to the touch, you’ve got the Hard/Hook variety which we do not make covers for. Some of our customers who have the Hard/Hook Nikkala buy covers from us and replace the velcro themselves (just so you know, this is a simple option).

    Upgrade your IKEA Nikkala

    A Bemz sofa cover for an older, discontinued IKEA Nikkala couch is a simple and sustainable way to get a brand new interior look. Among our hundreds of colours and patterns, Bemz offers fabric slipcovers made in collaboration with many world famous designers, including Romo, Designers Guild and Christian Lacroix to name a few. So if you have an IKEA Nikkala sofa with a ripped, stained or tired looking couch cover, why stop at replacing it with the same colour you had originally? Personalise your Nikkala with a high design, quality sofa cover and take it from ordinary to extraordinary with a Bemz cover.