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Sofa covers for the IKEA Karlanda couch series

Replacement IKEA Karlanda sofa covers, extra Karlanda couch covers, additional Karlanda sleeper sofa/sofa bed covers and chaise longue covers for the discontinued IKEA Karlanda sofa series.

    Discover our top rated selection of replacement Karlanda couch covers (plus slipcovers for the complete IKEA Karlanda sofa series)

    Even though you can no longer get your hands on this versatile sofa at IKEA, you can still upgrade it with a replacement IKEA Karlanda sofa cover or extra Karlanda couch cover from Bemz and keep it for many years to come. The straight, modern, minimalist look of this couch made the IKEA Karlanda sofa series a best seller for a number of years until it was discontinued. With a selection of hundreds of fabrics available in an array of textile qualities from 100% cotton to velvet to pure linen and more, you can transform your IKEA Karlanda 2 seater sofa (loveseat)Karlanda 3 seater sofaKarlanda sofa bed/sleeper sofa, Karlanda corner sofa and Karlanda chaise longue into something totally different from the original with a new Bemz sofa/couch cover/slipcover.

    Upgrade your IKEA Karlanda sofa with a Bemz cover

    Here’s a familiar story: someone buys an IKEA Karlanda sofa, it fits their home perfectly and they love it. After a few years, something unfortunate happens to the IKEA Karlanda sofa cover - a spill, a rip, a cat scratch, a toddler tantrum. The sofa owner tries to buy a new IKEA Karlanda sofa cover from IKEA only to discover that it has been discontinued. But there’s a happy ending to this story. Bemz offers a wide selection of high quality, beautiful replacement IKEA Karlanda couch covers in the latest colours. You can stay true to the look of the original IKEA Karlanda couch by choosing a Bemz Regular Fit Karlanda sofa cover or you can change the style completely by opting for a Loose Fit linen Bemz couch cover. There’s even a Bemz Regular Fit cover with a long skirt that gives the same soft style to the Karlanda sofa, available in all of our fabric qualities, including cotton, velvet and Bemz Respect, a fabric made entirely of recycled material.

    Bemz sofa covers for the 2 seater IKEA Karlanda sofa, 3 seater Karlanda couch and the IKEA Karlanda sofa bed/IKEA Karlanda sleeper sofa

    When IKEA discontinued the Karlanda sofa series in 2007, they stopped selling the complete series. Bemz still makes replacement 2-seater IKEA Karlanda couch covers (also known as Karlanda loveseat covers), extra 3 seater Karlanda sofa covers, additional Karlanda sofa bed covers, as well as Karlanda sofa section covers, and for those who went all the way with this IKEA series, Bemz also offers Karlanda chaise longue covers. It’s important to note that Bemz covers were never designed to fit the IKEA Karlanda sofa models covered in leather. All Bemz covers for the Karlanda sofa series close with zippers and are reversible, for that little extra touch of practicality and simplicity.