IKEA Karlanda Sofa Covers

Do you want to keep your couch looking fresh for a few more years? Then choose from original Karlanda sofa covers for the entire IKEA sofa series.

Change Your Style With Karlanda Sofa Covers

The modern, minimalist design of this IKEA Karlanda sofa range made it a bestseller. Now discontinued, you can still enjoy its comfort for years with our stylish Karlanda sofa covers. Made to order, they are a perfect fit for your couches, corner sofas, chaise longues, and loveseats.


Practical, durable, and high-quality, our Karlanda sofa covers are also a versatile design choice. We invite you to get creative and change the look of your original furniture. Bemz offers a huge collection of the latest colors and patterns. In addition, you can find textured linens and velvets to fabrics made of recycled material, plus most of our covers are machine washable.


A Karlanda Couch Cover To Suit Your Lifestyle

All Bemz Karlanda sofa covers are quick to change, close with handy zippers, and are fully reversible for an extra touch of simplicity. You can choose from a regular fit that stays true to the original look or opt for a relaxed, looser fit. If you need help choosing your Karlanda IKEA slipcover, why not take advantage of our free fabric samples?


Discover our top rated selection of replacement Karlanda couch covers (plus slipcovers for the complete IKEA Karlanda sofa series)

Upgrade your IKEA Karlanda sofa with a Bemz cover

Bemz sofa covers for the 2 seater IKEA Karlanda sofa, 3 seater Karlanda couch and the IKEA Karlanda sofa bed/IKEA Karlanda sleeper sofa

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