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Sofa covers for IKEA Hagalund sofa beds

Extra or replacement IKEA Hagalund sofa bed covers. Give your discontinued IKEA Hagalund sofa bed/sleeper sofa/convertible sofa an upgrade with a new couch cover.

    Extra IKEA Hagalund sofa bed covers or replacement IKEA Hagalund sleeper sofa covers for discontinued IKEA Hagalund sofa beds.

    The IKEA Hagalund sofa bed/sleeper sofa/loveseat was discontinued a few years ago at IKEA. But just because IKEA no longer sells the Hagalund sofa bed (or by extension the IKEA Hagalund sofa bed cover), that doesn’t mean you need to throw yours away if the original IKEA Hagalund sofa bed cover is stained, torn or just not looking its spiffiest anymore. You might also just be lucky enough to find an IKEA Hagalund sofa bed on a second hand site - and if you do, we suggest you grab it fast because they are really are an ideal size and shape. A Bemz cloth/loose/fabric sofa cover can provide an instant makeover for your 2 seater Hagalund sofa bed and make it look as good as new again. Bemz sofa covers are available in hundreds of colours and patterns, made in a variety of fabric qualities from 100% cotton to pure linen to velvet sofa covers and more. Bemz couch covers are made with a focus on 100% natural materials, and our fabric sofa covers are all machine washable and come with a three year guarantee. Our replacement IKEA Hagalund sofa bed covers are available in Bemz Regular Fit, a style that closely resembles the snug fit of the original IKEA Hagalund sleeper sofa cover.

    Mini review and guide to the IKEA Hagalund sofa bed/sleeper sofa/loveseat/convertible sofa

    Our IKEA Hagalund sofa bed review: this sofa bed/sleeper sofa/convertible sofa might just be the most adorable little IKEA sleeper sofa ever. Its small-space living dimensions are a favourite with those who have a small room/apartment or home office and just want a spare bed for sleepovers in a kid’s room, or a perfect little napping space in a home office. Although the bed is designed for 2 people, we think it might be more comfortable for one adult or two kids. Our top pick in this IKEA Hagalund sofa bed review: perhaps its best feature is a compact storage section under the seat to keep your bed linens handy for last minute sleepovers. Our top tip if your Hagalund convertible sofa sees a lot of overnight guests? Make sure to have an extra IKEA Hagalund sleeper sofa cover at the ready to give yourself time to run the other one through a wash and dry cycle. If you’ve had any personal experience with the IKEA Hagalund sleeper sofa, we’d be happy to hear your review, so be sure to contact us and share your thoughts.