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Sofa covers for IKEA Goteborg couches

Find extra or replacement IKEA Goteborg sofa covers for the discontinued IKEA Goteborg 3 seater couch available in hundreds of fabric sofa cover choices.

    Extra or replacement IKEA Goteborg sofa covers

    Bemz still makes cloth/fabric replacement IKEA Goteborg sofa covers for the Goteborg 3 seater sofa which was launched at IKEA in 2002 then discontinued in 2005. This couch was built to last so there’s no reason to part with it, even if the original IKEA Goteborg sofa cover is damaged or just not to your liking anymore. Give it a new life with a Bemz sofa cover, available in hundreds of beautiful high design colours and patterns and in an array of fabric qualities such as pure linen, 100% cotton and even velvet couch covers.

    Bemz covers for IKEA Goteborg couches

    Let’s face it, if you bought your IKEA Goteborg couch 15 years ago, the original IKEA Goteborg sofa cover may not be looking its finest anymore. But that’s no reason to throw it away! Bemz sofa covers for IKEA couches are designed first and foremost to keep IKEA sofas out of the landfill by offering a chance to upgrade one’s favourite IKEA couch cover when it’s past its prime. Bemz couch covers for IKEA sofas are lovingly made in a European factory, where we personally know the seamstresses and their working conditions. Bemz sofa slipcovers are sewn to order (to prevent stockpiling and unwanted waste) with a focus on natural fabrics. Our 100% cotton is durable and soon to be certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. Our linen is sourced in Belgium and available in a wide selection of fashion colours. In addition to a number of other high design fabric qualities, Bemz also offers a collection of fabric sofa covers made entirely of recycled material, salvaged from fashion scraps. And all of our machine washable sofa slipcovers are made to last with a 3 year guarantee.

    Mini review and guide to the IKEA Göteborg sofa/couch

    As far as a product review goes, the IKEA Göteborg 3 seater sofa has a square, heavy duty look, with thin 25 cm square wide, wooden sofa legs. With extra deep seating and pleasantly fat seat cushions, super wide armrests and lots of decorative throw cushions, the IKEA Göteborg couch is meant for long lounging/work/binge-watching sessions. Like the original IKEA Göteborg sofa cover, Bemz slipcovers have reversible seat cushion covers, piping that matches the fabric cover and are available in our Regular Fit, which closely resembles the fit of the original IKEA Göteborg 3 seater sofa cover. If you’ve had any personal experience with the Göteborg, we’d be happy to hear your review, so be sure to contact us and share your thoughts.