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Sofa covers for IKEA Backabro sofa beds/sleeper sofas

Extra or replacement IKEA Backabro sofa bed covers. Give your 2 seater IKEA Backabro sleeper sofa/loveseat an upgrade with a new fabric sofa cover.

    Extra IKEA Backabro sofa bed covers or replacement IKEA Backabro sleeper sofa covers for Backabro convertible sofas

    The IKEA Backabro sofa bed/sleeper sofa/loveseat is still available at IKEA in some countries but has been discontinued in others. The only way to know for certain is to check your local IKEA store. If you’ve owned an IKEA Backabro sleeper sofa for some time, the original IKEA Backabro sofa bed cover might show signs of aging by now. A Bemz fabric sofa cover can provide an instant upgrade for your 2 seater Backabro sofa bed and make it look as good as new again. Bemz makes cloth/loose Backabro sofa bed covers for the IKEA Backabro sleeper sofa, launched at IKEA in 2004. Bemz sofa covers are available in hundreds of colours and patterns, made in a variety of fabric qualities from 100% cotton to pure linen to velvet sofa covers and more. Bemz fabrics are made with a focus on 100% natural materials, and our fabric sofa covers are all machine washable and come with a three year guarantee. Our replacement IKEA Backabro sofa bed covers are available in Bemz Regular Fit, a style that closely resembles the snug fit of the original IKEA Backabro sleeper sofa cover.

    Mini review and guide to the IKEA Backabro sofa bed/sleeper sofa/loveseat

    Here’s our review in a nutshell: for those who like a sweet, classic look, the IKEA Backabro sofa bed/sleeper sofa is a cosy, compact loveseat that does double duty as a pull out bed for overnight guests. The Backabro sleeper sofa has been popular in smaller rooms due to its relatively smaller dimensions, but what it might lack in size, it more than makes up for in comfort. The seat and back cushions have a nice firmness to them while remaining just springy enough. The pull out bed is made with actual springs and a firm mattress for a healthy night’s sleep . The best feature is a nice little storage section under the seat to keep your bed linens handy for last minute overnighters. One important note in this review: if you’re buying a replacement IKEA Backabro sofa cover from Bemz: you need to pull the bed out before fitting your new Bemz sofa cover. If you’ve had any personal experience with the IKEA Backabro sleeper sofa, we’d be happy to hear your review, so be sure to contact us and share your thoughts.