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Sofa covers for the IKEA Angby couch series

Extra or replacement IKEA Angby sofa covers/couch covers for the complete discontinued IKEA Angby sofa series, including Angby 2 seater sofa covers, Angby 3 seater sofa covers and Angby sofa bed covers/sleeper sofa covers.

    Find replacement IKEA Angby couch covers (plus slipcovers for the complete discontinued IKEA Angby sofa series)

    IKEA Angby couches (and by extension, IKEA Angby sofa covers) were available at IKEA starting in 2000 and were discontinued in 2002. But this couch is a keeper - there’s no reason to throw it away once its cloth/fabric slipcover wears out. Keep it out of the landfill and give it a new life! Bemz makes extra or replacement IKEA Angby 2 seater sofa covers, IKEA Angby 3 seater sofa covers and IKEA Angby sofa bed covers, available in hundreds of colours, patterns and fabric qualities, including 100% cotton, pure linen and velvet sofa covers.

    Bemz sofa covers for the IKEA Angby sofa series

    Yes, its life was short lived, but Angby has left a legacy of couches/sofa beds/sleeper sofas thanks to its versatile style and durability. Bemz cloth/fabric slipcovers for the IKEA Angby sofa series are (like all of our loose/fabric covers) designed with sustainability in mind. There’s no reason to throw away a perfectly good IKEA sofa when you can upgrade it with a new fabric slipcover. Bemz sofa covers are machine washable, easy to slip on and off and quality guaranteed for 3 years. In addition to a large selection of high quality designer fabrics made with a focus on natural textiles, Bemz also offers a popular collection of fabric slipcovers made of 100% recycled material for eco-conscious design enthusiasts. So whether you are looking to replace your IKEA Angby sofa in one of our many neutral shades of white or grey or dreaming of transforming your IKEA Angby couch into something completely different from the original with a new trend colour, Bemz has the best selection of fabric slipcovers available. Bemz sofa covers for Angby couches and Angby sofa beds are available in our Regular Fit, which closely resembles the snug style and fit of the original IKEA Angby sofa cover.

    IKEA Angby 2 seater sofas, IKEA Angby 3 seater sofas and IKEA Angby sofa beds

    The IKEA Angby sometimes gets confused with other IKEA couches, such as the IKEA Ektorp or the IKEA Fothult. Here’s how to figure out if your sofa is an IKEA Angby: if it has gently rounded (yet slightly narrow) armrests without piping, a long cover with a straight (unpleated) hem that almost hits the floor but leaves just enough space to let the light wooden square legs show, it’s most likely an Angby. If there’s piping on the armrests and you can’t see the legs, it’s probably an Ektorp. If it’s got dark legs and poufy cushions, it’s probably a Fothult. If you’re in doubt, send us a picture and we’ll let you know!