Set your own bold tone at home with the extravagantly floral Bemz x Boråstapeter Collection. Flirt with resplendent sofa and bed covers or revamp a cushion cover for a pop of spring.

Experiment with Boråstapeter's three flamboyant prints, in two colourways. Each pattern has a character of its own, ready to tell your home’s story. Make your sofa the statement. Revamp a footstool or armchair. Go all out with matching wallpaper and outrageous clashes. The Bemz x Boråstapeter Collection can be ordered for the entire Bemz furniture range, from sofa covers to bed skirts. Once you’ve chosen the one (or ones) for you, your unique floral masterpiece will be printed on our signature Simply Linen fabric and delivered in approximately three weeks.

The inspiration for the pattern comes from my parents' overgrown garden in Dalarna. Each element represents a dear memory, like the bouquet of cowslip my father picked for my mother when they first met.

Noomi Spange, Boråstapeters designer

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