Furniture Legs Guide

Bemz replacement furniture legs come in a range of styles, so you can really get creative! Offering 4 natural Scandinavian colours, ranging from 10 cm to 18 cm in height – our simple yet versatile legs are made to transform.

  • Bemz furniture legs
    Bemz furniture legs come in 4 unique shapes: round, square, tapered and skinny. The round Globen measures 10 cm in height only. Skrapan, Kastell and Sergel are all available in 2 heights: 14 cm and 18 cm.

    Maxwell Ryan x Bemz by Apartment Therapy
    Our Limited Edition furniture legs come in 3 curvaceous designs: Terence, Winston and Basil. Basil measures 10 cm in height only. Winston measures 14 cm, and Terence is available in 2 heights: 14 cm and 18 cm.

  • Bemz furniture legs are made from solid Scandinavian Birch wood, expertly crafted to stand the test of time.

  • All our legs come with a protective coating, so they’re more durable and easy to wipe clean. To keep them looking sharp, simply apply a wet cloth every now and again. Easy.

    Because our Scandi Natural leg is unpainted, this leaves the beautiful natural grain of the wood exposed. That’s why we’ve added an extra layer of protection. It won’t discolour over time – even under direct sunlight.

  • It’s easy to attach Bemz furniture legs. Simply unscrew the old ones, then screw on the new. Watch our short How To video, or follow our 2-step guide:


    furniture-leg-icon-1.jpg  furniture-leg-icon-2.jpg


  • Probably not. For most IKEA sofas and armchairs, you simply have to swap the old legs for the new ones. But, for the perfect fit, some models need a universal mounting plate, (such as the Karlanda and Tomelilla sofa/armchair).

    To find out if you need a mounting plate, check the bottom of your sofa to see if there’s a hole underneath for screwing in your new legs. It should be around 8 mm in width – enough to accomodate a standard M8 screw. Still unsure? Contact our Customer Service team, they’ll be happy to help!

  • It’s simple to attach your mounting plate. Check out our 2-step guide:

    furniture-leg-icon-3.jpg  furniture-leg-icon-4.jpg

  • As long as the furniture is fitted with an M8 screw, our replacement legs fit most IKEA models and other brands of sofa, armchair and soft furnishing. We recommend these IKEA models:

    Sofas: Dagarn, Ekenäs, Härnösand, Karlsfors, Karlstad, Klippan, Klobo, Landskrona, Ljungvik, Norsborg, Oleby, Sandby, Säter, Skogaby, Söderhamn, Solsta, Stockholm, Tidafors, Tomelilla, Waxholm, Ystad.

    Armchairs: Dagarn, Ekenäs, Karlsfors, Karlstad, Jennylund, Landskrona, Mellby, Solsta-Olarp, Söderhamn, Strandmon, Skogaby, Tullsta.

    Footstools: Dagarn, Karlstad, Klippan, Landskrona, Söderhamn, Skee, Stocksund, Strandmon, Ystad.

    Beds: any bed fitted with an M8 screw.

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