IKEA Jennylund Covers

When you want to create a new look for your armchair or switch with the seasons, our changeable Jennylund slipcovers are a stroke of genius.

Add Texture & Color With Jennylund Slipcovers

The discontinued IKEA Jennylund armchairs are classic, well-cushioned, and super comfortable. Keeping them in immaculate condition is simple with Jennylund covers, no matter how much use they get. So easy to slip on and off; you can change them every day if you want!


A new Jennylund cover also lets your creativity run free, with a vast collection of designs available at Bemz for inspiration. You can add a contemporary color, enhance the look with luxe fabric, or choose pretty florals or smart stripes. Our high-quality fabrics will help lengthen the life of your treasured armchair and add an affordable design boost. 


Mix & Match Versatile Jennylund IKEA Covers

Our Jennylund slipcovers include a separate frame and seat cushion cover for convenience. They come without piping for a sleek, modern look, but you can choose rich textured fabrics to achieve a more traditional design. Made to order, nearly all our Jennylund slipcovers are machine washable. You can combine them in different ways, create an eye-catching focal point, or make your space more inviting in just a few minutes. 



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