IKEA Hagalund Covers

Keep using your IKEA Hagalund sofa for many more years by selecting a new stylish Bemz Hagalund cover or slipcover.

The Versatility Of Hagalund Slipcovers 

We know people love their Hagalund furniture as it is practical, comfortable, and stylish. The high back and rounded arms support you when sitting, and the soft cushions are ideal for a quick nap. It would be a shame to change your furniture because the covers have become outdated or faded. A perfect solution is to use a made-to-order Hagalund IKEA cover from us. You can choose an original style Hagalund cover or the more relaxed look of our Hagalund slipcovers. Both these covers are designed to be easy to put on and take off. 

Hagalund Covers To Suit Your Lifestyle

You can change the ambiance of any room by the fabrics and colors you choose for your Hagalund covers. Our fabric collections offer you plenty of choices, from fresh cotton and linens to luxurious velvet or recycled fabric. We also have sensory fabrics with our wool-look and corduroy collections. Want to try different colors? Our collections go from light to dark, with most fabrics being machine washable for practicality. Send for our free samples to help you select the perfect Hagalund IKEA covers for your home.



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