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Sofa covers for IKEA Backa couches

Find extra or replacement IKEA Backa sofa covers for the discontinued IKEA Backa 2 seater sofa/loveseat and IKEA Backa 3.5 seater couch, available in hundreds of sofa cover choices.

    Extra or replacement IKEA Backa sofa covers

    Bemz sells replacement IKEA Backa sofa covers online, including Backa 3.5 seater sofa covers and Backa 2 seater sofa covers (sometimes referred to as an IKEA Backa 2.5 seater sofa). This classic, cushy, voluptuous looking IKEA couch has been discontinued for a long time but if you love it, you never have to leave it! Give it a new life and a makeover with a new Bemz sofa slipcover, available in hundreds of colours, patterns and a variety of fabric qualities, including 100% cotton, pure linen and velvet sofa covers. No matter which IKEA sofa you wish to revive, all Bemz sofa covers are machine washable, easy to slip on and off and quality guaranteed for 3 years. Bemz makes replacement cloth/sofa slipcovers for IKEA Backa sofas available in our Regular Fit, a style that closely resembles the snug fit of the original IKEA Backa sofa cover.

    Mini review and guide - IKEA Backa sofas/couches

    Classic and elegant, IKEA Backa sofas are all curves and pillows, the kind of sofa that makes you want to throw a tea party and dress up nicely (in other words, it looks very grown up). The IKEA Backa 3.5 seater is slightly wider than a regular IKEA 3 seater sofa, so a family of four with children should all be able to squeeze in nicely together at the same time. With curved armrests, three seat cushions and 5 decorative throw pillows/decorative cushions that act as back cushions, this inviting 3.5 seater couch (chesterfield sounds more appropriate for the fancy IKEA Backa) looks both proper and cushy at the same time. The IKEA Backa 2 seater used to be referred to as a 2.5 seater in some markets, and in its home market of Sweden was even referred to by IKEA as a 3 seater back in the day (it’s slightly longer than a regular IKEA 2 seater sofa). It sports 2 seat cushions and 4 throw pillows/decorative cushions that act as back cushions. IKEA Backa sofas have short, dainty light wooden legs. Just to make life confusing, IKEA used to sell a sofa in the early 2000’s called Backamo, which looked quite similar. A quick guide to telling them apart: the Backamo has more back throw pillows/decorative cushions plus a long skirt that covers the sofa’s legs. One last thing: Bemz fabric sofa covers are not designed to fit the leather versions of either IKEA Backa 3.5 seater sofas or IKEA Backa 2 seater sofas.