Maxwell Ryan / Apartment Therapy for Bemz corduroy collection.

With style cues from the Big Apple, you can now dress your IKEA sofa with slipcovers from our new corduroy collection designed in collaboration with our fellow homebody, Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy.


Reminiscent of its sartorial namesake, Peacoat, takes style cues from classic menswear. The deep, maritime blue fabric is a wonderfully understated, yet elegant addition to any living space. Embrace the curvaceous form of the IKEA Färlöv sofa with its elegantly sloped Belgian-inspired armrests to highlight the soft sheen of the luxe cord cover. Combine with sculptural forms, graphic black accents and soft cocoa to soften the look.


This unexpected muted hue is evocative of vintage Jadeite ceramics. Deliciously casual, yet equally bold, the minty milk glass tone boasts a retro chic cosmopolitan spirit. The boxy, utilitarian shape of the IKEA Vimle sofa highlights the corduroy fabric’s ultra-soft oversized wales. Combine Seagrass with taupe (and other earthy tones) to really let the colour shine.

Wild Deer

Wild Deer is modern reworking of that ‘70s corduroy sofa. With close attention to detail, Maxwell designed this sophisticated hue to hit just the right note—veering between dark beige and soft taupe depending upon how the light catches the cord. Contrasting the muted tone graphic Terence furniture legs adds a dose of downtown cool to the angular IKEA Karlstad sofa. To recreate this look at home, adhere to the rule of three and stick to a cohesive colour palette with plenty of tactility.

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