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With the Grounded Heritage Collection, we invite you to rediscover classic fabrics in new modern settings to create the ultimate calm and relaxing abode.

We all need some space.

In quest of a safe haven, we look to the countryside to bring back soul-soothing patterns and textures. Certain fabrics are compelling because they remind us of that disarming feeling of a place away from the big cities, where the untouched scenery is the main attraction. To strengthen the collection’s connection to nature, staple fibres such as wool and cotton are incorporated from recycled sources. Achieve the coveted feeling of an urban escape with historical fabrics across light earthy hues to deep neutrals.

We all need some space.

Striped twill.

  • The traditional IKEA Färlöv sofa is paired with Striped Twill Soft oak in Bemz’s exclusive Minimalist fit, giving the timeless lines full effect.

  • An earthy colour palette comprising sculptural wooden accessories grounds the look, creating a seemingly classic yet modern oasis.


  • Our Melton wool Sand serves a pared-back sartorial appeal on the IKEA Söderhamn sofa in Bemz's unique Minimalist fit. In this humble arrangement, wooden and ceramic details support the sofa's weighty warmth balancing the lightness of the patterned decor cushions.

  • Melton wool - Stone, Birch & Sand

Tartan Wool & Plaid Wool.

  • Tartan’s unique vivacity works wonders on the traditional IKEA Strandmon armchair in this eclectic assembly. Together they act as the perfect accent furniture, representing heartwarming old-world hospitality next to the IKEA Karlstad sofa in Classic Tweed Light sand.

  • IKEA Kivik chaise longue with Plaid wool - Fawn Brown, IKEA Möjlighet pillow with Tartan wool - Bark Brown, IKEA Söderhamn sofa in Minimalist Fit with Melton wool - Sand


  • A discerning mix of contrasting neutrals with pops of colours provokes an instant attitude to this simple set.

  • The IKEA Karlstad sofa is adorned with the versatile Classic Tweed Light sand, wrapping the look with a dose of textural comfort to create a serene sanctuary.

Make a more thoughtful decision.

Looking at an image on-screen does not even compare to holding the textile in your hands, feeling its texture and seeing how it looks in the light of your home. We invite you to order some of our free samples - to make a secure, informed decision.

Make a more thoughtful decision.

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