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Elevate your IKEA furniture with Bemz collection of Zaragoza Vintage Velvet and Brera Lino linen from Designers Guild.

Designers Guild are a design force to be reckoned with. Having spread their vibrant, colourful gospel for the past 50 years, they’ve been a valued partner at Bemz for the past 10 years. For the latest rendition of Designers Guild’s extensive collection, we’ve added a curated range of Zaragoza Vintage Velvet and Brera Lino linen fabrics in an elegant yet muted colour palette.


Brera Lino by Designers Guild

Brera Lino is made from 100% linen, the soft-washed finish and beautiful drape lends a sophisticated, yet relaxed appeal to any space.

Designers Guild

Brera Lino - Cocoa

Reminiscent of its namesake, Cocoa is a cool deep brown. The earthy tones in this serene set up complements the fabric’s organic feel. With its sloping armrests and clean lines the IKEA Färlöv sofa is a firm favourite. Designer tip: remove the backrest cushions for minimalist appeal.

Designers Guild

Brera Lino - Hemp

Opt for a sophisticated dose of colour with this nature-inspired, golden toned fabric. Our coveted Loose Fit cover for the IKEA Karlstad sofa lends a relaxed yet luxe feel to this elegant setting. Paired with modern clean lines and deep wood tones, Hemp is a classic addition to any space.

Zaragoza Vintage Velvet by Designers Guild

Impeccably crafted, the jewel toned Zaragoza Vintage Velvet collection is revered for its thick crushed pile and light-reflecting qualities.

Designers Guild

Zaragoza Vintage Velvet - Pebble

Pebble Zaragoza Vintage Velvet, is Pebble Brera Lino’s glamorous older sibling. The crushed velvet is the perfect neutral that catches the light. In this eclectic mix of classic and contemporary decor, the IKEA Strandmon armchair with a Bemz cover creates a subtle statement.

Designers Guild

Zaragoza Vintage Velvet - Olive

Introduce jewel tones to your repertoire with Olive Zaragoza Vintage Velvet. Here the heavyweight, luminescent fabric highlights the IKEA Färlöv's curvaceous form. Downplay the glamour with rustic textures and a true-to-nature palette for a sophisticated twist.

Designers Guild

Delft flower

In honour of Designers Guild’s 50th anniversary, we’ve added their iconic Delft Flower to our collection. These limited edition oversized florals perfectly capture Designers Guild’s signature design ethos. Printed on luxurious, softly tumbled 100% linen, Delft Flower is available at Bemz in two distinct colourways - for the most striking IKEA furniture makeover yet.