IKEA Kivik Sofa Covers

Is it time to update the look of your sofa? At Bemz, we have a wide choice of Kivik sofa covers just waiting for you to choose from.

Change Your Look With Kivik Couch Covers

As much as you love to snuggle up on the very comfortable Kivik couch, you can get tired of the same Kivik sofa covers. The good news is you do not have to renew your sofa to get an updated, fresh look for your favorite piece of furniture. Bemz’s replacement couch covers and Kivik sofa slipcovers are your answer.


For many people, the IKEA Kivik sofa provides the perfect place to rest up and relax. The memory foam adapts to your body. The low armrests and the generous size just call out to you to snuggle down and chill. However, your much-loved sofa can be instantly refreshed and modernized by selecting a new Kivik sofa cover. You might even like having more than one design, so you can change the look and atmosphere of your room by popping on a different Kivik couch cover. 


Keep On Snuggling With New Kivik Sofa Covers

Decor and fashions constantly change and evolve. Updating your IKEA Kivik sofa cover is a much more economical way of making a style change than buying new furniture. From crisp fresh colors to darker, more subtle tones, you can change the room's mood with your Kivik couch cover. Maybe try a more tactile feel to the fabric you choose with our Simply velvet range. You can even be more sustainable and select a color from our Conscious range of fabrics made from recycled material. 


Whichever Kivik couch covers you choose, you can blend colors or mix and match with accessories, changing the look but not the comfort of the furniture. Remember that there are different styles in which you can order your Kivik sofa cover. The regular fit matches the IKEA Kivik couch cover you bought with the sofa, or you can request a looser, more relaxed fit. 


All our Kivik couch slipcovers and sofa covers are sewn to order by our experienced sewists. You can select your Kivik sofa covers from a wide selection of contemporary fabrics and color tones. These removable covers are easy to put on and take off, and a big plus is that a majority of the Bemz materials are machine washable.


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