IKEA Friheten Sofa Covers

Enliven and enhance your IKEA Friheten furniture with personalized Friheten covers available in an exciting range of colors, fabrics, and patterns.

Friheten IKEA Covers To Your Personal Style

The Friheten furniture series offers instant extra sleeping spaces with a great minimalistic, Scandinavian style design. They then quickly revert to the familiar comfy sofas once your guests are gone. The other attractive feature of the IKEA Friheten series is the hidden gem of storage space, and who doesn’t need extra storage space?


While your sofas are made to last, in whatever combination you choose, the Friheten IKEA covers can suffer from day-to-day usage. Stains, spills, kids, or pets can all contribute to reducing the life of your Friheten covers. Having the same color and pattern year in and year out can get rather dull too. With our Friheten covers and Friheten slipcovers, you can change the color, fabric, and texture. Add a bit of your creative style and make the space your own.


Brightening Up Your Furniture With Friheten Covers

You can use our Friheten covers to brighten any dull room, giving it a fresher, more inviting look. Check out our Original Cotton or Simple Linen ranges for that crisp minimalistic vibe. Or, conversely, go for darker, more sophisticated colors. Choosing some of our tactile fabrics like velvet or corduroy will add a touch of luxury to your space. 


Practical, flexible, and design-friendly are our mini-bouclé and tweed fabrics. Our Conscious Cotton is also a great choice. Made from recycled materials, it is durable and attractive. As most of our fabrics are machine-washable and our covers are easy to put on and remove, life can get interesting and fun with our Friheten covers. To help you experiment with color, texture, and patterns, you can order up to five free samples from our ranges. 


Bemz Practical & Attractive Friheten Slipcovers

Once you have chosen, you can select your made-to-order Friheten cover. Some Friheten 3-seater sofa beds with storage do not have removable covers. To update and personalize this sofa bed, we make loose Friheten covers that hide the break between the seat cushion and the bed or storage unit. With a skirt that drops to the floor, once put on, they can completely change the look of your sofa bed. Another plus is that our Friheten sofa covers are designed to slip over the sofa bed, allowing full access to the storage units.



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