Bed Frame Covers

Give your IKEA bed a five-minute makeover with a stylish new bed frame cover in hundreds of high-quality fabrics and rainbow colors.

Bed Frame Covers For Original Design Choices 

A bed is the central point of a bedroom because of its size. It also contributes to your beauty sleep, leisure time, rest, and recuperation. For this reason, it needs to be as cozy, well-designed, and stylish as you can make it. You can modify your bedroom design and instantly create an impression with just one small accessory. A bed frame cover is easy to fit and gives your bed a brand-new appearance or a fresh splash of color.


Bemz bed frame covers wrap around the sides and the headboard, covering the outside edges completely. Give your bed a whole new life and a modern touch with a design you will love. All our bed frame protectors offer carefully chosen, high-quality fabrics and are made to order by our experienced sewists. Plus, you can take a closer look at the texture or color by ordering up to five of our free fabric swatch samples. 


A New Ambiance With Our Slipcover Bed Selection

If you have decided on a bedroom makeover, the first thing to choose is the colors. Soft shades like beige or light gray for your bed frame cover will coordinate well with white furniture or bedside tables. How about creating a Scandinavian-inspired mood with hues of cream and white or crisp, bright stripes? Darker colored fabrics will add a welcoming, cozy feel and a touch of glamor to any bedroom space. 


The fabric and texture are equally important for your bed frame covers. If you long for lounging in ultimate softness, choose a plush velvet. When you crave a clean, contemporary look, plain, pure cotton or linen adds a luxury feel while still being durable. Our Conscious collection provides a hard-wearing sustainable alternative made entirely from recycled fabrics. Bemz slipcover bed designs will add an expensive-looking touch for an affordable price.


Customize With Our IKEA Slipcover Bed Collection 

IKEA built your bed to last, but some designs have been discontinued. If you own a discontinued line, it can be rejuvenated and customized in just a few minutes with Bemz bed frame covers. A new bed frame slipcover in a different fabric or color can extend its life and add a lift to your existing decor. They are available in the original IKEA regular fit or a looser style. All Bemz bed frame covers are simple to slip on and off, and nearly all our fabrics are machine washable to keep them clean and crisp looking. 


Bemz Bed Frame Covers & Quality Accessories

Updating your bed frame cover is a simple and stylish design choice that provides your bedroom with a flawless finish. Our slipcover bed collection also includes a range of summer florals and modern patterns to inspire your creativity. You will also find various accessories, from cushion covers to bed frame skirts and separate headboard covers, which can all be color coordinated. The result? A luxurious new look to refresh and beautify your room for years to come.


 Bed frame covers for discontinued IKEA Vanvik, Florö and Grimen beds

Bemz bed frame covers

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