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IKEA Henriksdal Dining Chair Review

We’ve added a dose of versatility to the popular IKEA Henriksdal series of chairs, armchairs and bar stools by creating different lengths and styles of covers. Read our Henriksdal review here to discover a new look.

Why everyone loves Henriksdal

Henriksdal has been a bestseller at IKEA for many years because of its simple design that fits in any room and with any décor. This series of chairs, armchairs and bar stools have legs made of solid, natural wood - combined with covers that are super simple to slip on and off. They’re the perfect muse for a Bemz cover so we’ve boosted their versatility by creating 3 unique styles and fits, available across our complete collection of fabrics.

How to transform your Henriksdal with Bemz

Keep to a single colour for a modern monochrome look, or mix and match shades and patterns to express your individual style. Larger patterns work especially well on smaller pieces like Henriksdal, so this is your perfect chance to make a bold statement. Take a look at our famous Design Partners’ fabrics for big, bold original ideas. Try mixing different styles and lengths of covers on the Henriksdal chairs around your dining room table for a lovely eclectic look.

The right fit and style

Bemz covers for the Henriksdal series are available in three different lengths and a variety of styles and fits.
The Henriksdal short cover is by far our most popular choice with an exact fit, no skirt and velcro fasteners on the bottom of the chair. Available for the Henriksdal chair, armchair and barstool.

 Our Henriksdal cover with a medium length skirt has a modern look and feel. When choosing this length, keep the colour of the chair legs in mind since they are a visible detail. Available in straight and box pleat models for the Henriksdal chair and armchair.

With the Henriksdal long skirt cover you can completely change the look of your chair by hiding the legs entirely. It comes in several styles and fabrics, including more luxurious washed linens. Available for the Henriksdal chair and armchair.