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Sofa covers for the IKEA Vimle couch series

Extra/replacement IKEA Vimle sofa covers for the complete Vimle couch series. Upgrade your IKEA Vimle loveseat, chaise longue and more with the fabric sofa cover of your choice.

    Replacement IKEA Vimle sofa covers, additional Vimle couch covers and extra Vimle loveseat covers

    Bemz creates fabric slipcovers for the complete IKEA Vimle sofa series, including 3 seater IKEA Vimle sofa covers, 2 seater IKEA Vimle couch covers, Vimle chaise longue covers, Vimle 1 seat section covers, Vimle 2 seater section covers, Vimle 3 seater section covers, Vimle 3 seater with chaise longue covers, Vimle armrest covers, Vimle footstool covers and Vimle corner seat covers. Whether you are looking to cover one individual unit of this sectional sofa series or the complete series with something unique, Bemz has got you covered!

    Bemz covers for the IKEA Vimle sofa series

    If you’re interested in upgrading or customising your original IKEA Vimle couch, Bemz makes sewn to order Vimle sofa covers for the complete IKEA Vimle sofa series. Like all Bemz fabric slipcovers for IKEA couches, our replacement Vimle couch covers are quality guaranteed for 3 years, machine washable and made with a focus on high quality, 100% natural materials. Bemz cloth/fabric sofa slipcovers are available in hundreds of colours and patterns, in everything from pure linen to 100% cotton to velvet sofa covers (and more!).

    IKEA Vimle sofa mini review and guide

    This beauty of a sectional IKEA sofa ticks all the boxes: it’s flexible (you can slice and dice it anyway you choose), durable (made with a 10 year guarantee) and chic (modern and sleek).
    What we like best about the IKEA Vimle sofa series is its clever built-in design details such as a lid on the chaise longue storage that stays locked open in place while you use it, and a slanted backrest which makes lounging so much more comfortable. Naturally we love the Vimle’s personalisation ethos - that you can build a sofa that works perfectly in your space. And with the Vimle’s clean, linear, simple aesthetic, it’s the perfect canvas for even more customisation: with a Bemz slipcover, your Vimle sofa can become the ultimate expression of your personal taste. You can go all the way and tweak each module to be a different colour or pattern. Or you can choose to upgrade your IKEA Vimle sofa cover and make it look much more expensive than it is (linen or velvet always does the trick!). For more information and beautiful Vimle images, check out our full length IKEA Vimle sofa cover review.