IKEA Vimle Covers

Vimle sofas have clean, simple lines making them the perfect design canvas. With our Vimle covers, you can quickly create a contemporary new look.

Get Inventive With Bemz Vimle Covers

This modern, sleek IKEA sofa makes lounging a delight. With its clever built-in design details and slanted backrest, you will want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as you can. With our Vimle covers, you can keep it protected and customize the look to suit changing styles.


Our Vimle covers are made to order by our sewists so that you can tweak each module with different colors or patterns. If you want to upgrade your couch with a hint of luxury, browse our textured linen or velvet collections. There are hundreds of fabrics, designs, stripes, and florals in a rainbow of colors waiting for you to choose.


Vimle IKEA Covers For The Entire Sofa Series

Create an original look or enliven your couch with high-quality materials and modern designs. Bemz Vimle slipcovers are simple to change and are made with a focus on high-quality materials, most of which are machine washable. If you need extra durability, then our Conscious collection made from recycled fabrics is a superb choice for your Vimle IKEA covers.



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