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3 ways to transform your sofa

Bemz covers are divided into three distinct style options. Each style offers you a unique fit to function as a base from which you can create a very personal expression. Your choice of colour, pattern and fabric will complete the piece.

Regular Fit.

This is the fit to choose if you wish to retain the essential elements of your original IKEA sofa but would like to revitalise it with fresh, new life. This works wonders even on sofas that do not have removable covers and will add a personal new twist to your sofa without completely reinventing it.

Inspect Bemz Regular Fit
Regular Fit.

Loose Fit.

With its raised seams and loose skirts, Loose fit gives a draping, sweeping feel of quality to the sofa. It is a luxurious style with attention to detail and brings a billowy softness to the sofa frame. These elements bring out the classical roots of this modern cover and make it deeply inviting and comfortable.

Inspect Bemz Loose Fit
Loose Fit.

Minimalist Fit.

This fitting style does exactly what the name implies; it removes all that is unnecessary and gratuitous, leaving clean lines and ordered simplicity. This is the kind of traditional sophistication reminiscent of a time when furniture was handcrafted and design was done thoughtfully; very mindful of comfort being simple and generous.

Inspect Bemz Minimalist Fit
Minimalist Fit.

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