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An ode to blue: the coolest colour

We’ve got a serious case of the blues.


Blue, an omnipresent primary colour reminiscent of nature; the sea and sky. Despite the hue’s popularity, it’s a relatively ‘new’ addition to the colour spectrum; until *recently* what we perceive to be blue didn’t, in fact, exist. Ancient languages had no word for it, instead describing the ocean as being ‘dark wine’ and the sky as ‘colourless’. However, when humans began to develop blue colourants about 6000 years ago our obsession and love affair with the coolest shade began.

This rich jewel tone is closely associated with royalty for a very simple reason. The prized Lapis Lazuli, a semi-precious stone that the Egyptians used to create blue pigments and dyes was expensive, a luxury only royalty could afford. The Catholic Church further elevated blue’s lofty status when it adorned the Virgin Mary with a navy blue robe. The same shade was later adopted among authorities, militaries, police and politicians alike to convey an essence of trust. A later development is the notion of blue as the ‘colour for boys’ that arose as a post World War II marketing scheme.

Blue has established itself as a timeless classic, a sophisticated neutral that packs plenty of punch. There are 69 official shades of blue in the world - and Bemz covers 55 of them ranging from deep, moody tones to bold, vibrant colour pops and delicate powdery pastels. There are hundreds of words for its many shades that sound just as beautiful as they look - from periwinkle to cobalt to azure.
Whatever your style blue is the hue for you. If shabby-chic is your jam then Duck Egg blue can do no wrong, boho fans will opt for deep Indigo, while mid-mod fans are drawn to Klein blue and ultramarine - synonymous of that design-era.  We’re currently coveting this subtle yet dramatic shade to compliment an earthy, nod-to-the-seventies tones.