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Time to update your boudoir: styling tips for the bedroom

You spend a third of your life in bed, you might as well make it enjoyable - and chic.


A lifelong love affair
We spend a lot of time in bed, although some of us (ahem) would argue not nearly enough. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a blissful retreat from the stress of modern day life and an intimate reflection of individual aesthetics - which makes decorating it a deeply personal affair, worthy of your utmost attention. For totally dreamy style (pun intended), here are some ideas on how to update your boudoir.

Layer it up
We’ve already gushed about our love of cushions, which are, in our humble opinion, the easiest way to update a look. Elevate your bedroom repertoire with a handful of carefully layered accent pillows. Use the practical pillows, the ones you sleep on, as a base propped up against the headboard and stack decorative cushions in height order. We’re currently coveting an unexpected but curated mix of patterns and textures, but be sure to add some solids to rest your eyes upon.

Dress the bed; elegantly envelop your bed with a simple bedspread. Choose a classic linen cover for its effortless appeal or high-voltage velvet for a dose of glam.

Bring in texture
A rug is a great way to tie the look together, with the added benefit of making your relaxing retreat feel more cohesive and grounded. What could be better than setting your feet on a lovely shag carpet in the morning rather than cold floorboards? Choosing the right rug can be difficult - a too small of a rug is a major design faux pas. Naturally that custom made, oversized rug you’ve been eyeing might not suit your budget, but instead of forgoing style completely, try layering a smaller rug with a simple flat weave, sisal, jute or seagrass base, we kinda like this one. Ideally an area rug should frame your bed and go under all furniture, extending about 36’’/92cm all around. Or flank your bed with two small runners as a cosy foundation. For more inspiration and an illustrated guide, click here and here.

It’s the little things that matter. Create a luxe look for less by upgrading your lampshades; opt for an interesting texture (velvet anyone?), cool hue or exaggerated proportions.


Frame your windows
Nothing ties a room together quite as nicely as expertly hung curtains. They lend privacy, add warmth and texture, and can make ceilings look taller and windows larger - if done correctly that is - if not you’re in for a full-blown design catastrophe. These are the rules to abide by:

Hang your curtains halfway between the top of the window and ceiling - at least!
Make sure the rod is wide enough so that when the curtains are open the fabric doesn’t cover the glass.
Steer clear away from too short curtains - they’ll never look chic no matter how hard you try. There are three legitimate ways to hang your curtains properly: less than an inch above the floor, just skimming the surface, or for feminine flair let them puddle. For more dos and don’ts of hanging curtains click here.

There are four different types of curtain headings. Heading tape, which creates neat gathers for a classic, elegant appeal, can be paired with these hooks, or hung from the ceiling to further elongate the look. Tab top and rod pocket headers have simple, no-fuss application for a relaxed vibe. The eyelet top, characterised by its metal edged holes, lends a modern, industrial feel. 

Mind your materials
For a totally blissed out boudoir, invest in quality bedding that’ll have you longing for sleep and last for years. Build on luxe, effortless staples and natural fabrics. We love linen for its unique qualities: not only is it breathable, 30% more durable than cotton and has a high moisture absorbency, it’s also environmentally friendly as less water and chemicals are used to cultivate the crops. Much like your favourite pair of jeans, linen sheets only get softer with time. Colour match your bedspread and create a chic, cocoon-like feel with cool neutrals or edgier darker hues.

Keep it simple
As Scandi-design enthusiasts, we generally abide by a less is more ethos. Keeping a bedroom clutter-free may feel like an impossible task, so making the most of hidden storage is key. Disguise that unsightly space under your bed where you’ve crammed all of your boxes with a bed skirt. Artfully arrange the books on your bedside table with a scented candle and a keepsake and you’re good to go.

There are different bedskirt styles to suit every fancy. For a clean minimalist appeal opt for a straight or a loose, urban fit. If classic elegance is your jam then choose a sophisticated pleated bedskirt or a simple, yet decorative box pleat. Craft a romantic vibe with a feminine loose fitting country style, perfect for anyone with a penchant for shabby chic.