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Fabric covers for discontinued IKEA Tomelilla armchairs

Beautiful IKEA Tomelilla armchair covers for discontinued models - removable, machine washable slipcovers available in hundreds of high design colours, prints and fabric qualities.

    Beautiful replacement IKEA Tomelilla covers & extra slipcovers for IKEA Tomelilla armchairs

    Sewn to order in Europe, a Bemz replacement IKEA Tomelilla armchair cover can rescue, and renew your favorite Tomelilla armchair. Just because your Tomelilla chair cover might be damaged or out of date, there's no reason to part company with it. A Bemz cover can bring it back to life in a simple, stylish, affordable way and is available in low back or regular versions, in either Regular Fit Tomelilla armchair slipcovers or Loose Fit Country Tomelilla armchair covers.

    Bemz covers for IKEA Tomelilla armchairs

    With hundreds of fabric choices, Bemz can help you find the perfect colour and style of Tomelilla armchair slipcover to suit your home and your personal taste. Our replacement IKEA armchair covers are available in a colour coordinated palette of stunning, high quality fabrics, including pure linen, 100% cotton and luxurious velvet. Sewn to order by European seamstresses who we know personally, Bemz slipcovers for IKEA Tomelilla armchairs are of a very high quality, beautiful and made according to EU labour and environmental laws, so when you choose one of our extra IKEA Tomelilla armchair covers, you can rest assured that you’re making a conscious choice.

    IKEA Tomelilla armchair mini review

    A Bemz review of the IKEA Tomelilla armchair: this is a classic IKEA armchair at its best. Sold at IKEA from 1992 to 2002, it was a bestseller for many years until IKEA discontinued the armchair to make way for newer designs. But its legacy lives on and for many people, Tomelilla is synonymous with IKEA. The Tomelilla armchair comes in two versions - a low back and a regular model. This curvaceous beauty fits into classic and country environments with ease and is designed for comfortable sessions reading, power napping (or both). Our favourite detail in this Tomelilla armchair review? The nice thick seat cushions and wide angled, backrest. If you still own an IKEA Tomelilla armchair, you've had it for a rather long time. If you still love it, don't leave it - give it a refresh with a Bemz replacement Tomelilla armchair slipcover so that you and your Tomelilla can have many more years of quality time together. As always, feel free to share your own IKEA Tomelilla review with us.