Freshen up your covers in the quickest, easiest way. Steamery Fabric Spray is the simplest and most efficient way of freshening up your covers, curtains and clothes. This spray softens and nourishes the fibres in your textiles, reduces static electricity and leaves your furniture covers with a gentle and lasting scent of fresh rose and musk. It’s also ideal to pop a bottle into your suitcase to freshen up your clothes while traveling and it can also be used as a room spray or air freshener.




Quickly freshens up your covers

Softens and nourishes the fabric fibres

Reduces static electricity

Suitable for all fabrics and textiles




500 ml

Bottle made from recycled plastic

Produced in a climate-neutral factory in Sweden

This product can't be returned.

Fabric Spray Delicate - 500 ml

120 DKK

120 DKK

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