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Curtain care guide

Make your curtains last longer. Get the best tips and tricks on how to take care of your Bemz curtains.

Linen Curtains​.

All of our linen curtains are pre-washed to avoid huge shrinkage in domestic washing. Natural fibres tend to shrink in domestic washing but stretch while installed and hung. We recommend spot-cleaning with a white wet cloth, natural stain remover/soap and steam smaller stains to keep the curtains fresh. Machine washing can additionally shrink the curtains by 2-5%, even in the gentle cycle (30 degrees, gentle cycle, maximum spin 400 rpm). ​Take this into account when choosing the length for your curtains.

Pro tip!

Gently stretch after washing (do not twist) to lengthen the fabric, counteracting the natural shrinkage after washing. To sustain the look, feel and colour of your linen curtains, we recommend you to vacuum them regularly to remove everyday dust and scruff. Use a soft tip and move softly along the curtains. You can also steam the linen curtains to remove fine lines and folds, make sure to gently steam from the backside of the curtain to not damage the surface of the linen. ​

​Velvet Curtains​.

Our velvet curtains are made of recycled synthetic fibres and virgin synthetic fibres, this fabric can sustain domestic washing in the washing machine – 30 degrees gentle cycle. ​

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