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Sofa covers for the IKEA Kramfors couch series

Shop the best extra/replacement Kramfors sofa covers online for the discontinued IKEA Kramfors sofas series, incl. Kramfors loveseats & chaise longues.

    Bemz sofa covers for the IKEA Kramfors couch series

    The modular IKEA Kramfors series was a hit when it was launched in 2005. Five years later, IKEA discontinued the Kramfors series, but Bemz still makes replacement covers for the complete Kramfors series, including 3 seater IKEA Kramfors sofa covers, 2 seater IKEA Kramfors couch covers, Kramfors chaise longue slipcovers, Kramfors corner section covers and  Kramfors footstool covers. With hundreds of colours and patterns available in a variety of fabric qualities, such a velvet sofa covers, 100% cotton couch covers and pure linen slipcovers, Bemz offers the best selection of fabric covers for this older favourite IKEA sofa model. If your IKEA Kramfors sofa cover is torn, stained, damaged or just not the right colour anymore, there’s no need to throw it away. With a Bemz fabric cover, you can bring your IKEA Kramfors furniture back to life in the most stylish way - in fact even better than before because it will be personalised to reflect your exact taste. Bemz covers for IKEA Kramfors couches are available in our Regular Fit, which is designed to fit snugly, like the original IKEA Kramfors sofa cover.

    Mini review and guide to the IKEA Kramfors sofa series

    Our review of the IKEA Kramfors sofa series: with a classic, simple, modern and minimalist look, the discontinued IKEA Kramfors sofa is comfortable and spacious enough for everyday use. It’s a modular/sectional sofa series, meaning that you can connect any combination of modules together to suit your living space and dimensions. The IKEA Kramfors sofa is box shaped with a metal frame and legs. Some IKEA Kramfors models were originally designed with leather sofa covers but please note that Bemz covers do not fit IKEA Kramfors leather sofas. Ours are designed as replacement IKEA Kramfors couch covers for Kramfors sofas with removable fabric slipcovers. Our top pick in this IKEA Klippan sofa review: the wide armrests and deep seating, which make it an ideal choice for long sessions with a good book (or a nice long nap if that’s your thing). If you own this sofa and don’t want to part with it, a replacement IKEA Kramfors couch cover from Bemz is a great solution. If you’ve had any personal experience with an IKEA Kramfors sofa, we’d be happy to hear your review, so be sure to share your thoughts.