Färlöv Covers

All the IKEA Färlöv range of furniture has great comfort and appeal. Keep yours in tip-top condition with one of our lovely Färlöv covers.

Enjoy The Huge Choice Of Färlöv Covers At Bemz

You really can think outside the box with the choices of fabrics and colours we have available for your IKEA Färlöv covers. Our covers are practical and hard-wearing, especially our recycled fabric ranges. We also have cool cotton, rustic linens, plush velvets, classy corduroy, and textured feel-good fabrics. Plus, all our Färlöv covers come in a wide variety of shades for you to choose from.


Sewn to order in Europe by experienced professionals, they’re all designed to be easy to put on and take off. Most materials for our Färlöv covers are machine washable, making cleaning easy, and there’s no need to worry about spills, pet hairs or kid’s sticky fingers. 


We have Färlöv slipcovers and covers for the whole range of Färlöv furniture, from all the sofa styles to footstools, cushion covers, even the Färlöv lumbar pillow. 

Changing The Tone With IKEA Färlöv Covers

For a calm, relaxed look you can go for the softer linen or cotton fabrics. On the other hand, you can create a more indulgent, rich look with our velvet ranges. Think about the darker shades for a sensuous tone or be daring and go for the lighter, plush velvet shades for sheer luxury. Textured fabric can also bring depth to a room. Layering our wool-look fabric with cotton or linens gives a designer feel to your space.


Using our fabrics in different colours and textures, you can have fun mixing and matching your Färlöv covers with accessories. You’ll also find curtains or cushions to create a room that resonates with your personality. If you’re not sure which fabric to go for, you can request up to 5 samples to let you see how they work for you and your room. 



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