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Sofa covers for IKEA Tylosand couches

Replacement IKEA Tylosand sofa covers or extra Tylosand couch covers for the discontinued, sectional IKEA Tylosand sofa series, including Tylosand sofas, Tylosand sofa beds/sleeper sofas and chaise longues.

    Discover our incredible selection of replacement Tylosand sofa covers, extra IKEA Tylosand sofa bed/sleeper sofa covers and additional IKEA Tylosand chaise longue covers

    Upgrade your discontinued IKEA Tylosand sofa with a high quality, high design couch cover. Bemz makes replacement Tylosand sofa covers and extra Tylosand couch covers for the complete discontinued, modular IKEA Tylosand sofa series, including replacement 3 seater IKEA Tylosand sofa covers, extra 2 seater IKEA Tylosand couch covers with one armrest (also known in some circles as a Tylosand loveseat cover), additional IKEA Tylosand sofa bed covers (also known in some parts of the world as a Tylosand sleeper sofa cover), and IKEA Tylosand chaise longue covers. It’s good to note that all of our cushion covers for the IKEA Tylosand sofa series are reversible - a great detail for prolonging the life of this sofa  even further.

    Transform your IKEA Tylosand sofa beyond recognition

    The IKEA Tylosand sofa was designed as an accessibly priced modular version of the iconic Le Corbusier sofa and was popular at IKEA until it was discontinued in 2010. For those who love their IKEA Tylosand sofa but find a worn out Tylosand couch cover a little bit less appealing, Bemz has the perfect solution for you. We make beautiful, high design custom replacement IKEA Tylosand sofa covers for all IKEA Tylosand couches, available in hundreds of fabric choices, from pure linen to velvet to 100% cotton and more, in a coordinated range of colours and patterns to suit any style.

    Mini review and guide to the IKEA Tomelilla sofa/couch/sofa bed/sleeper sofa/loveseat/chaise longue

    Here’s our nano review of the IKEA Tylosand sofa series: if you’ve always coveted the look of a Le Corbusier sofa but couldn’t afford one, the Tylosand couch is definitely your friend. A blocky, sectional sofa series with a modern vibe, the Tylosand sofa, Tylosand sofa bed/sleeper sofa and Tylosand chaise longue has an industrial-retro look that would be perfectly at home in a NYC loft. Our IKEA Tylosand review favourite detail? Hands down the outer metal frame and legs that gives the Tylosand its swoon-worthy appeal. Add one of our replacement IKEA Tylosand couch covers in your favourite shade, and give this keeper of a sofa the ultimate upgrade. If you’ve ever owned an IKEA Tylosand sofa or sofa bed, we’d be happy to hear your Tylosand couch review, so be sure to contact us and share your thoughts.