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Fabric covers for IKEA Nils chairs/armchairs

Machine washable replacement covers/extra slipcovers for Nils armchairs, Nils stools and discontinued IKEA Nils chairs.

    Replacement IKEA Nils armchair slipcovers | Nils chair covers | Nils dining chair covers

    Due to its compact size, the IKEA Nils armchair has been popular since its launch in 2008 (many people use it as a dining chair with armrests). The now discontinued IKEA Nils chair (which looks a lot like the Nils armchair, without the armrests) is a dining room classic the world over. The compact and sturdy IKEA Nils stool is a fixture in many different rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices and more. You can easily update and rejuvenate your IKEA Nils armchair covers, IKEA Nils chair covers and IKEA Nils stool covers with a new fabric slipcover from Bemz.

    Bemz covers | slipcovers for the IKEA Nils armchair

    Update your IKEA Nils armchairs, IKEA Nils chairs and IKEA Nils stools  with the best quality replacement IKEA armchair covers, extra IKEA chair slipcovers and IKEA Nils stool covers. All Bemz covers are lovingly made to order in Europe and are available in hundreds of choices - from 100% cotton to pure linen to velvet and more. Bemz offers IKEA Nils chair covers and Nils armchair slipcovers in several styles, including our Nils armchair covers in Regular Fit (which closely resemble the fit of the original IKEA Nils armchair cover) and our Nils chair slipcover in Loose Fit Urban (which transforms the look of your IKEA Nils chair with a long, loose linen skirt). Bemz also offers two additional styles of replacement IKEA Nils slipcovers in a medium length skirt  - available in either Regular Fit or Loose Fit.

    IKEA Nils armchair and IKEA Nils chair mini review

    The Bemz review of Nils armchairs and Nils chairs: sturdy, simple, sleek and elegant - these best selling IKEA armchairs/chairs tick all the right boxes for simple, affordable, stylish design. Bemz covers for these versatile chairs are also a top seller because they can transform this ubiquitous, budget friendly piece of IKEA furniture into something far more expensive looking than it is. An IKEA Nils chair used as a dining chair (with or without armrests) and covered in a Bemz Loose Fit Linen slipcover looks like a high end design piece, for a fraction of the cost. The adorable, lightweight IKEA Nils stool - seen in so many homes - takes on a personality of its own with a removable, washable fabric cover in a fashion forward colour. Do you have an IKEA Nils armchair or chair? Let us have your IKEA Nils review - we always like to hear what others think.