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Fabric covers for IKEA Henriksdal chairs

Machine washable replacement IKEA Henriksdal chair covers, extra IKEA Henriksdal dining chair slipcovers and additional Henriksdal barstool covers.

    Replacement IKEA Henriksdal chair slipcovers | Henriksdal dining chair covers

    Our replacement IKEA Henriksdal chair covers will not only make your Henriksdal dining chairs look much more stylish and expensive than they actually are, but are also available in a range of unique styles and fits to completely transform their look. There’s our Regular Fit short Henriksdal chair cover (which fits as snugly as the original IKEA Henriksdal dining chair cover). There’s also our Regular Fit short Henriksdal chair with armrest covers, (also known as a Henriksdal armchair cover - both the IKEA Henriksdal armchair and its cover are now discontinued at IKEA). Our Henriksdal armchair covers are also available in a medium length skirt version and a long skirt with box pleat version. In addition, we also offer long skirt Henriksdal chair covers, in an array of options to please any detail-lover: with or without box pleats, with or without piping, in our Loose Fit Country style (either with frills or box pleats) or in our Loose Fit Urban style. Our Henriksdal chair slipcovers are also available in medium length skirts with an array of similar options. And for those who want to update their IKEA Henriksdal barstool covers, Bemz creates custom sewn Henriksdal barstool covers in our Regular Fit, available in our full range of beautiful, high quality fabrics.

    Bemz covers for IKEA Henriksdal chair covers | Henriksdal dining chair covers | Henriksdal armchair covers

    Whether you want to update your IKEA Henriksdal dining chair covers with an even more stylish look or want to mix and match your various Henriksdal armchair covers or Henriksdal barstool covers with different colours and patterns or different fabric qualities, Bemz has the solution for you. Bemz creates machine washable replacement IKEA Henriksdal chair slipcovers in hundreds of colours, available in a curated selection of high design fabric qualities such as pure linen, luxurious velvet and 100% cotton. All of our fabric covers for IKEA chairs (and other furniture) are sewn to order by European seamstresses, governed by EU labour and environmental law. And with a 3 year guarantee, you can rest assured that you're making a conscious choice and buying a high quality product.

    IKEA Henriksdal chair mini review and guide

    Our IKEA Henriksdal chair review: whether you're opting for an IKEA Henriksdal chair, IKEA Henriksdal dining chair, Henriksdal armchair or Henriksdal barstool, you are looking at a classic, solid, versatile and comfortable chair that matches easily with the decor of many homes. The Henriksdal chair has a high back for an elegant presence and a linear style that can be softened depending on the fabric slipcover chosen. Our favourite detail in this IKEA Henriksdal review: the fact that this chair is endlessly customisable depending on your taste. It's the perfect canvas for a simple, one-step slipcover change. You can keep it simple or transform it beyond recognition into a chair that looks much more expensive than it actually is. What has your experience been? Let us know your IKEA Henriksdal review.