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The Bemz story

Our product story

Bemz products are sewn to order exclusively for you. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about them...

  • Are your products really sewn to order?
  • Tell me more about your fabrics...
  • What is the Bemz design philosophy?
  • How does your production process work?
  • How do you source your fabrics?

    We source fabrics around the world, looking for the best producers of durable, natural textiles that are suited to our products. Today we work with fabric producers in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and Pakistan amongst others. Our requirements are unique and our quality demands are tough so finding the right partners takes hard work. We are very proud of our textile partners, and the quality that they produce.

  • Where do you dye and print your fabrics?
  • How are your products sewn?
  • How do you control quality and logistics?