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The Bemz story

Our product story

Bemz products are sewn to order exclusively for you. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about them...

  • Are your products really sewn to order?
  • Tell me more about your fabrics...
  • What is the Bemz design philosophy?
  • How does your production process work?
  • How do you source your fabrics?
  • Where do you dye and print your fabrics?
  • How are your products sewn?

    Bemz works closely with sewing partners in the Baltic region. We've chosen to work with sewing partners within the European Union in order to have access to the strict regulations on quality control and employee rights provided by EU business requirements.

    Our products are each individually sewn by our sewing partners. Many Bemz products are even hand cut by the seamstresses to ensure the quality of our finished products. For example, some printed textiles require hand cutting and hand matching of individual textile pieces in order to ensure that the pattern is well represented in the final product. Your Bemz products are truly “one of a kind” and custom produced.

  • How do you control quality and logistics?