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The Bemz story

Our product story

Bemz products are sewn to order exclusively for you. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about them...

  • Are your products really sewn to order?
  • Tell me more about your fabrics...
  • What is the Bemz design philosophy?
  • How does your production process work?

    The Bemz production process starts with sourcing fabrics. Then many steps happen before they are cut and sewn into Bemz products; from cleaning and washing and preshrinking to dyeing, printing, finishing, cutting, sewing, quality assurance, inspection and shipping. All these processes are managed from our global head office in Stockholm, Sweden. When selecting our production partners, we use a very strict selection criteria. We call it ‘narrow and deep’. We choose a small number of key partners and grow a deep relationship with them in order to create a symbiosis. This results in a more integrated and efficient supply chain process, which in turn delivers better quality control and creates better quality products.

  • How do you source your fabrics?
  • Where do you dye and print your fabrics?
  • How are your products sewn?
  • How do you control quality and logistics?