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The Bemz story

Our product story

Bemz products are sewn to order exclusively for you. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about them...

  • Are your products really sewn to order?
  • Tell me more about your fabrics...
  • What is the Bemz design philosophy?

    Design is at the heart of everything we do at Bemz - from our fabric designs to our range of colours. Our style is Scandinavian and is influenced by our Swedish design heritage, from the way we mix colours and palettes to the textiles that inspire us. We work with many different design influences and design trends but we always interpret it from our Scandinavian perspective.

    In keeping with our dedication to design, we've chosen to either produce our own fabrics - designed exclusively in house -  or to source the very best from established or up-and-coming designers. We work with well-known textile designers from around the world – both contemporary and historical – and we are proud to represent their designs as an important part of the Bemz textile collection.

    Part of our Scandinavian perspective means that we focus on natural materials that have a strong tradition in Swedish homes such as cotton and linen. These fabrics are very close to the soul of a Swedish house.

  • How does your production process work?
  • How do you source your fabrics?
  • Where do you dye and print your fabrics?
  • How are your products sewn?
  • How do you control quality and logistics?