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the bemz story

Our fabric story

Our fabrics are the heart and soul of every Bemz product and we hand pick only the very best ones for the job: machine washable, long lasting and beautiful.

  • How are Bemz fabrics dyed and printed?
  • Do Bemz covers shrink?
  • Are Bemz covers stain protected?

    Most of our fabrics have been treated with a stain protector, which will keep them looking newer, longer. An invisible molecular barrier around the individual fibres of the fabric provides outstanding protection against liquid spills. Furthermore, this protection includes a component that releases ground-in stains into the detergent and water during laundering, leaving the fabric looking like new. Please note that our fabrics which are stain protected should be ironed after washing to reactivate the stain protection.


  • How durable are Bemz fabrics?
  • Are Bemz fabrics made of natural fibres?