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the bemz story

Our fabric story

Our fabrics are the heart and soul of every Bemz product and we hand pick only the very best ones for the job: machine washable, long lasting and beautiful.

  • How are Bemz fabrics dyed and printed?
  • Do Bemz covers shrink?

    The fabrics are treated with an industrial method (Sanforisation) to resist shrinkage. As with all woven fabrics, particularly those made from natural fibres such as cotton and linen, you may note a small amount of shrinkage after the first wash. However, all Bemz fabrics undergo rigorous testing to assure quality and have been awarded the prestigious Sanforised mark. Sanforisation guarantees shape retention and minimal shrinkage, if appropriate care instructions are followed.

  • Are Bemz covers stain protected?
  • How durable are Bemz fabrics?
  • Are Bemz fabrics made of natural fibres?